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Kent recovered $125,000 for a bicyclist that was hit by car while walking through a crosswalk. "Kent and his team at Follmer Law Office are very focused on achieving client objectives in a timely fashion. It's not just a business with Kent, he really cares about his clients. He not only has the experience to get the job done, he will exceed your expectations". -Ed Painter "I am honored for the opportunity to thank Kent and his staff for their exemplary services provided during my divorce. Mr. Follmer was kind, patient, compassionate and efficient while treating me with the utmost dignity and respect. To my delight, I was usually greeted by his adorable dog upon entering his office, which instantly put me at ease. I feel fortunate to have such a great attorney and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal counsel". -Lisa Hess "Kent recently represented me and his willingness and attention to detail was something I don't find very often. We planned the defense together, and weighed the consequences. The whole process renewed my faith in the legal system. The charges were eventually dropped, and I know I was very lucky because this does not happen very often. I am thankful to have had the representation I had to bring my case to fair conclusion". -Steven Miller "Our personal injury case was very complicated since it involved two auto accidents, and therefore two powerful insurance companies, and two determined attorneys. Kent was wholehearted and passionate in his handling of our case. It was that his concern for us far outweighed whatever percentage of financial settlement he might receive. We could never begin to measure the amount of hours Kent put into our case. He was relentless, as was his staff. He was always keeping us in the loop via meetings, phone calls and email. Kent made sure that we understood each step of the process. He was a bulldog when it came to advocating for us. He was both our friend, and our lawyer. We are so glad that he was the quarterback for our team. We could not have done it without him, and am so glad we chose him as our attorney. In the end, he delivered two substantial settlements, and we will forever appreciate what he did for us, and forever count him as our friend. Five years ago when we desperately needed help, we chose Kent Follmer as our attorney for two reasons. First of all, 15 years ago he represented us on a house purchase, and fought hard against the home buyer who was trying to take advantage of us. The second reason was the several years later during a snow storm, our car slid into a ditch, and Kent pulled off to try and push our car back onto the road. When, in spite of his determination, that didn't work; he stayed with us until a tractor came along and pulled us out of the ditch. Years later when our situation caused us to be frightened, confused and at a loss for how to proceed, there was no question as to whom we turned to in our time of crisis. -Ron & Patty Cochran "My experience with the Follmer Law Firm was unequivocally positive. In addition to being highly competent and professional, Kent Follmer and his staff treated me with consideration and respect. They consistently sought out my thoughts on the case and exhibited a determination to secure a fair settlement on my behalf. I am especially impressed with Kent Follmer's analytic ability, as well as his capacity to formulate and defend a strong and effective legal position. He also has an outstanding ability to work with people, even when they were being extremely difficult. One person, in particular, was difficult to the point of being rude in the beginning, but has become much more reasonable as the case developed. Kent clearly played a key role in bringing this individual around. His staff is highly organized who maintained a remarkable command of the many details of my case. More than once his staff could recall facts about that case that I had forgotten. In short, I would enthusiastically recommend Follmer Law Office for its' professionalism, effectiveness and client- friendly way of conducting business". -John O'Day, PhD.

Moultrie County Case

Kent Follmer successfully represented 17 landowners in a high publicity case in Moultrie County in 2015 involving a proposed petting zoo development in the middle of a farm. The zoo was not built next to his client's properties and his clients were elated. A witness in the "No Zoo in Moultrie County Case" wrote to Mr. Follmer the following: "Dear Mr. Follmer, after reading the front page article in the Decatur Herald & Review today, I offer my congratulations on a two-handed slam dunk victory, stopping the the senseless destruction of the 140 acres next to Mike's house by Aikman Wildlife & Co. I wonder when in the proceedings that the opposing counsel realized she brought a knife to a gun fight. You're total preparedness won the fight. Again, great job!". "During the course of a lifetime one hopes to avoid or get involved in legal disputes. 'It's easier to plow around stumps rather than through them' type of thing. However, some issues come up which dictate getting assistance or legal advice. This is what happened to me, January 2015. I sought out the counsel of Follmer Law Office, Kent Follmer, Urbana, Illinois. Mr. Follmer had done some work for me in the past and I have known him for over 20 years. Work included, a will getting it set-up, Power of Attorney for Property and Healthcare, and a rental issue. Nothing comparable to getting a letter from the county zoning commissioner stating the land around your property (house) will be changing from AG-1 (farming) to allow a 140 acre zoo to be built. My initial meeting was not that encouraging due to the fact counties have such a wide discretion in how they handle such matters, according to attorney Kent Follmer. Mr. Follmer immediately organized his staff and himself to get educated in zoo law, contacting experts and really organized a team to help fight this proposal. Everything he did was absolutely essential in getting the desired outcome. The work and dedication to his client (me) was over and beyond the norm. I want to thank Mr. Follmer, and his staff, and volunteers for his efforts ,and to recommend him to the public for their legal needs. “I do so voluntarily, and with no constraints". -Mike Sutherland "Fortunately, a team member had experienced prior services from Follmer Law Offices and was able to engage his services again, immediately. Because I live in Florida, I was not able to actively participate in work for our cause, but I was able to provide written letters to editors of newspapers, to County Board members, and to members of the community. Also, I was able to lend support to other team members via phone and email. I am most appreciative of the tremendous effort and productivity of team members, especially those who live there or nearby! Thanks to each of you who worked so hard and helped so many! I was impressed and very appreciative, of personal phone contacts to me by Mr. Follmer, always affirming his interest in my thoughts, his availability to speak with me by phone, and updates as to the status of the case. The communication flow from him and his legal assistant, was exceptional. Later, as the case continued, Mr. Hyde joined the staff, and I found his communication practice to be superior, as well. Whenever I contacted the office by phone, I always felt that speaking with Mr. Hyde was equal to speaking with Mr. Follmer, and I appreciated that I did not have to interrupt Mr. Follmer. Mr. Hyde was also very helpful to email information regarding links where pertinent information could be found. Mr. Follmer and his staff were simply amazing as they were always productive and active in the process. Because of their efforts, exceptional work ethic, and dedication to the case, research, investigation, and contact with experts in various fields of interest were ongoing. This was most evident in the courtroom where Mr. Follmer was clearly prepared to address any and all issues planned, and unexpected. I can say this based upon my reading of hearing transcripts, and also on feedback from friends and relatives present in the courtroom. I noted also that Mr. Follmer's knowledge and preparedness often caused members of the County Board, the State's Attorney, and the opposing attorney, to recognize that he was correct when stating protocol, acceptable practice, and references used to substantiate his requests or statements. I was also impressed that he went to the effort and expense to provide each of the board members with binders of documentation, that he orchestrated canvassing in the community for signatures of protest to the issue, and initiated a letter writing campaign that all seemed to have been very beneficial to our cause. Again, when Mr. Hyde joined the Follmer staff, I was told by people attending the hearings, who saw him, that he was "very sharp", impressive, and "didn't miss anything, he took notes throughout the proceedings". He was noted to be a valuable asset to our team. Because I know some of our protesting parties, and am related to some of them as well, I can say that working with this group was probably " much like herding cats." I would compliment Mr. Follmer on a job well done, as he seemed to manage everyone quite well, and did so with patience and kindness. He did show consideration and acknowledged the difference in ability of each of us to manage unexpected legal fees. One of the facts that I am most proud of is that throughout the 6 months of this case, I do not know of a single instance where our team, including our attorney, and staff, were ever unkind , rude, or intentionally hurtful to any other person. Not only were we very well represented, and victorious in our effort, but all was accomplished with class! My thanks to all, Mr. Follmer, his staff, and all those who joined him in this effort, as well as those of us who were fortunate to be his clients . I sincerely hope that I would not have need of legal representation in the future, but if I should, I would be so grateful if Mr. Follmer would accept my case. Naturally, I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of legal counsel. This has been a very emotional, exciting, interesting, and very educational experience. In truth, I am probably going to miss some of that. Again, my thanks to all. -Brenda K. (Pankey) Miller

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